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Today all I did was study/review for this Biology Exam that I did at 6 this evening. At 11:15 am I was at school and met with a study group. We studied until it is 5:50 pm and went to do the test. We did not have many breaks in between and ate a few snacks and drank so much water than we used the restroom so much during the day. Restroom breaks was chilling breaks…less than 3 minutes of our time. Not a lot of socializing on social networks like what I’d do on a regular and I wish I could message my ldr boyfriend as often as I would if it was a normal day. However, today was not normal at all. All I did today was study, eat, urinate and drink water. I hope all that studying paid of. I feel so bad that I did not get to message my bf as much as I wanted to today, I hope he understands. I don’t know why I’m writing this for the entire online world to see…

Kotama Bouabane’s complete Melting Words (2007).

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I’d kill to be back in yoko rn





rare footage

these niggas was screamin like some hoes lmao




😂😂😂😭 dead

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Things I am currently craving

- hot sex
- a warm shower
- milkshake
- cozy blankets
- warm, loving cuddles
- kisses 
- nuggets

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12:42 PM

It’s time to eat breakfast


Michel de Broin
Dead Star, 2008
batteries, urethane, polystyrene
16 x 10 x 12.5” / 40.6 x 25.4 x 31.7 cm

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